How to Fix Poco M2 Pro Charging Problem?

2 min readDec 16, 2020

Are you facing a Charging problem in your Poco M2 Pro? So don’t worry, in today’s guide, I will tell you some tips that will solve your problem.

If your Poco M2 Pro battery is draining drastically, then you can follow the steps given below. By following the below steps, you can be sure that what is causing the Fast Battery Drain problem on your smartphone.

So, How to Fix Poco M2 Pro Charging Problem?

Here are some tips, you just have to follow them, this will solve your problem to a great extent.

  1. If you have installed apps like Phone Cleaner, uninstall it.
  2. Download the app from the play store itself (Because third-party apps can contain malware)
  3. If GPS is not needed, always turn off GPS.
  4. Keeping the phone in power saving mode for a long time also drains the battery quickly.
  5. If you have installed an app that claims to increase your phone’s battery backup, then uninstall this type of app.
  6. Use the phone with average brightness.
  7. Clear all your recently used apps from the recent app tab because it drains the battery quickly.
  8. If NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi are not needed, always keep them turn off.

Following all these steps, if you feel that your phone is still Fast Battery Drain, then you try Factory Reset your Poco M2 Pro.

After following the above steps, I am sure that you will not have to face the battery draining issue again. If you are still experiencing this problem, then contact your smartphone customer support and follow the instructions.




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